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Suarez suspension coaching Uruguay tavares, wholesale jerseys most depressed. He will be the pre-match press conference into a complaint, he said, in order to protest against the FIFA, their resigned from his post as FIFA strategy committee, "obviously, it is unwise to FIFA for suarez penalty, at least is wholesale jerseys china not careful. The punishment is not only affected Uruguay, and may affect the suarez's career."
Uruguay's President jose mushie china wholesale jerseys card also stand out as the "idol" Ming gravamen, you don't think FIFA because suarez had gone to college don't forgive him. Mushie card said in a TV show: "FIFA is too much, Uruguay beat England and Italy, they have wholesale jerseys from china lost a lot of money!"
Mushie card said: "suarez was born poor, those people (FIFA) don't know what they play happy in the sludge, also don't care about their cultural level, they come from chinese wholesale jerseys different social classes." Mushie card also said: "I think it will be remembered, this will be the worst moment in football history, it's going to be football history disgrace forever!"

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